You'll never guess that your ankles are causing this

Do you struggle with painful knees, hips, and always feel a dull ache in your back?

It might be because your ankles are in dire need of some mobility, my friend.

Because we sit for most of our day and often don’t move optimally when we do finally move, our ankles never actually move through their full range of motion. This can cause them to lose their mobility, leaving you achy all over. Not cool.

You’re also risking injury if you keep ignoring your lack of ankle mobility. It can affect your gait, which then affects a whole range of other muscles that can lead to injury. People with limited ankle mobility often end up hurting their hips or knees.

No one wants that.

That’s where the Functional Flexibility course comes in.

There are classes specifically for foot and ankle mobility to help you regain that full range of motion in just 30 days. And we’re not just focusing on the ankles — this course focuses on the whole body so you can feel AMAZING all over.

The best part? You only need 15 minutes a day.

You can do it! You spend more time scrolling social media every day (I know, I’m guilty too lol!).

So just do it! You’ll thank me later 😉