Are you doing this wrong

If you feel you’re not getting low enough in your forward folds, here’s how to get lower in under 12 seconds! 

  1. A lot of people scoop the pelvis forward and then try to fold —  this won’t get you anywhere
  2. Instead, stand up, soften the knees, and hinge from the crease of the hip.
  3. This way, you’re actually lengthening and stretching the hamstrings rather than just folding from the back. 
  4. Voila!

That will help with your form, but if you’re not able to touch the ground, you’re lacking some flexibility. Unfortunately, that’s something that just taking a whole bunch of yoga classes isn’t going to fix.

You need to actually lengthen the muscle fibers in your hamstrings by moving them the right way. So if you want to nail your forward fold and more importantly, feel 10 years younger in your body, join my Functional Flexibility course. I guarantee it’ll help you feel AMAZING.