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Hey, I’m Erin, and when I first started doing yoga, I remember wishing that there
was some way I could see if what I was doing was actually “correct.”

I wanted to know for sure so I could be confident I wasn’t going to injure myself and I was getting the most out of my practice. I’d sit on my mat thinking, “Should my leg be in the same spot as the teacher’s or is my way OK, too?” and “Where should I be feeling this?!”

Without clear visuals, that was basically impossible to know for sure, and until now there hasn’t been anything that compares what common misalignments look like next to their correct variations.

Consider this your go-to yoga pose correctional guide. See over fifty of the most common poses broken down in pictures so you can see exactly what’s safe and what isn’t. We’ll cover all the ones you’re sure to see in most Vinyasa Flow classes– everything in a Sun Salutation including plank, chaturanga, and the difference between updog and cobra, lunges, warriors, pigeon, forward bends, wheel, and SO many more. Not only are we covering the poses you’ll do the most, but also a few advanced poses you may bump into in your journey that most people do completely incorrectly.

My mission is to make your practice MAKE SENSE, and this guide is a great resource to do just that. I’ll see you on the inside!