Bad Yogi Full Hour Flow: Detox

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Bad Yogi Full Hour Flow: Detox


What is it? There are lots of products out there to help “detox” the body, but the truth is, we already have everything we need to cleanse. We were born thoughtfully pre-assembled so all we really need is to utilize what’s already there! 😉 This class will give your metabolism a boost and help balance out after too many indulgences. It focuses on poses that will help stimulate the body’s elimination systems. You’ll see plenty of twists, light core work, strength-building poses, and variations of forward bends. Enjoy!

What level is this class? This class is friendly for most levels. It’s not a fast paced class, so you’ll get options for taking it easy as well as some for amping it up for more difficulty.

How many times can I use it?  It’s yours forever! Take this class any time!

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