Bad Yogi 30 Minute Flow: No Crunch Core Flow

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Bad Yogi 30 Minute Flow: No Crunch Core Flow


What is it? You read that right! How can we possibly target our core without doing crunches?! Spoiler alert: crunches don’t do as much as we think they do. In this class, we’re targeting the deepest part of our core to build the kind of core that cinches in our waistline, flattens our tummy, makes us TRULY strong, and gives us the kind of strength necessary to build on our practice and work on arm balances and inversions, too. This class will make you stronger, longer, leaner, and you’ll walk away a little taller and prouder than you did when you started 🙂

Who’s it for? This is not a good place if you’re a true beginner. If you have some yoga basics under your belt and want a nice challenge, this is a great place to be. This is perfect for anyone looking to add some fire to their practice with a more challenging sequence.

How many times can I use it?  It’s yours forever! Take this class any time!

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