Bad Yogi 30 Minute Flow: Headstand Toolbox

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Bad Yogi 30 Minute Flow: Headstand Toolbox


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Level: 2

Props: 2 blocks + 1 strap

I wont’ lie to you– I’m kind of obsessed with headstand. It’s one of the few inversions that is actually accessible to a wider range of people because there’s so many variations of it. I wanted to dedicate an entire class to working up to headstand. In this one, we’ll go over all the ways to prep your body for this pose. We need everything working simultaneously: hips, shoulders, and core, and they ALL have to be equally strong AND flexible! It’s complicated, but we’re breaking it all down to bite-sized pieces šŸ™‚ Remember that you’re allowed to have fun! This doesn’t have to be perfectly executed. Let’s focus on feeling good and making progress.


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