New and Totally Improved

New and Totally improved

What’s new with Bad Yogi Studio?

  1. No glitchy log in!  We’ve partnered with Vimeo to create a stable and well functioning platform.
  2. A FORUM! I am SO excited about this! No amount of exclamation points will accurately depict my enthusiasm about this! 😉 With the forum, we’ll be able to truly connect as a community, discuss topics & share ideas.
  3. Organized classes.  Instead of a all the classes in one bucket, I’ve organized the classes into different “classrooms” that sort classes based on their benefits.
  4. Lastly, I’m giving you 30 days FREE! As a way to thank you for sticking with me through the glitches, this gift is from me and the whole Bad Yogi Team 🙂One more HUGE bonus… 
    In addition to the free month, we’re keeping the price at $9.99 a month forever for everyone who transfers THIS WEEK!