FREE Series: 7 Days to Better Gut Health

Better Gut Health in 7 Days

I never thought I’d be this excited to spend 7 days with a gastroenterologist, but life surprises you sometimes! 😉

This free series to help improve your gut health is something we’ve never done before, but when I met Dr. Will Bulsiewicz and talked to him on the podcast, I knew how badly this series needed to happen. Seriously, EVERYONE should be armed with this information!

Not only is Dr. B a bonafide expert on the topic of gut health, he’s also incredibly passionate about making sure YOU are getting tips you’ll actually want to follow. In other words, he’s not here to tell you to your entire life needs to change tomorrow. He’s actually going to give you bite-sized tips you can implement immediately that will put you on a healthier, happier track.

For this series I also wanted to give you some yoga that pairs nicely with all the tips Dr. B is going to share. So you’ll also see two classes from me that’ll compliment your journey this week.

How it Works: 7 days of messages from us
* 5 Gut Health Tips with Dr. B that you can watch in 5 minutes or less
* 2 Mini Yoga Classes from Me (Erin Motz) to support your gut health through the week

It’s all completely free. I really wanted to get this information out to you and I knew Dr. B would be the very best person to do it.

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We both look forward to seeing you on October 1st!