Unleash Your Inner Badass

10 days to ignite your mind and body – feel confident and release your inner power
Join the free, 10-day “I Am” challenge to unleash your inner badass, today.

Whether you’re an expert at crow pose or just getting started with yoga, the “I Am” Yoga Challenge is designed to empower all. Unlike other challenges, it’s focused on physical, mental and emotional health by building confidence and helping you realize the badass you are. Every day, you’ll get a brand-new mantra that starts with “I am” followed by a free yoga class to compliment it.

For example, day 1’s mantra is “I am Powerful”. The class focuses on slow, core movement and building stability through the most powerful muscles in our body — our glutes and legs. For the mind, the class focuses on staying true to yourself.

Power is strength. Power is personal. Power is an extension of you. You are powerful.

There are no requirements or special equipment needed for this challenge. I welcome you to participate wherever you are, either solo or invite a friend.

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We All Have a Voice & All Are Welcome

Hear what the Bad Yogi community has to say

“I haven’t been doing yoga for a few months, and my body was telling me it was time to get back to yoga. This challenge is a great way to do that! I was surprised at being able to flow from standing to warrior 3 with ease the first time […] Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, but today, I am powerful!”

– Lisa

“This is what introduced me to you [Erin] and Bad Yogi, and it ruined me for other yoga videos. I just don’t enjoy them as much!”

– Natalie

“I used to go to a yoga class. I loved how my body felt, but my instructor wasn’t a warm or happy fuzzy type. Due to a new job, I needed to stop going for a while, and I am afraid to go back because she will shame me. Erin, you have been there for me … and I love what you do, and how you are doing it.”

– Trish

The Bad Yogi Story

Like many of you, I hated the exclusive, judgmental nature of the yoga community. I wanted to impact some kind of change to prove that it doesn’t have to be this way. In my 12+ years as a yoga teacher, I always jokingly call myself a Bad Yogi because I didn’t fit in with the stereotypical yoga drones who all dressed, looked, and acted alike no matter what city they were in. Together, with the Bad Yogi community, we are calling out the yoga bluff and redefining what it means to do Yoga. Because we can all be good Yogis whether we’re a kale-lover or a cheese-lover.

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