Welcome, Bloggess Readers!

I am SO glad you’re here! Though I hope you’re not expecting any of the stereotypical “yoga” stuff from me, because you’ll be majorly disappointed!

I believe we can have all the benefits of yoga & meditation but without all the pretense, snobbery, and hippie hocus-pocus. Ya feel me?

See for yourself! This 5-Minute Anxiety Cure is for those of us who still absolutely flip our sh*t on occasion. This quick meditation is one you can fall back on whenever life has you feeling buzzed in a bad way. When anxiety has you jittery and uneasy, this is just what the doctor ordered (or, you know, one of the several things the doctor ordered). It’s calming enough to bring you back into harmony with your breath and body. And since it’s an audio download, you can bring it anywhere— work, school, your commute, family reunions, on vacation— you name it!

Sometimes 5 minutes makes all the difference 🙂


PS: If you’ve ever felt like the odd ball out in the digital world of wellness queens & kings, I think we’ll get along juuuust fine. I hope you stick around! There’s lots more where the meditation came from. See you soon!

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