I’m starting a new series of free classes this year called Zodiac Yoga! Each month I’ll do a special class for the corresponding astrological sign. Now keep in mind these are just for fun, so there’s no need to go make life decisions based on what we talk about or overhaul your self-definition, haha. 

I just thought this could be a fun way to change things up 🙂

Also, PLEASE don’t think you can’t do a class just because it’s not “your sign.” Each one will speak to different aspects of our personality, so they’ll be fun for all 🙂

We’re just in the nick of time for my fellow Aquarians! My birthday is January 27th, so this month’s class is especially fun for me. As Aquarians, we tend to be progressive and creative, but one quality we have to moderate is our tendency to be all-or-nothing. It can be a little extreme! This flow is creative and funky but focused on balance so we can keep that “all-or-nothing” tendency in check.


Over to you! What did you think?! Are you an Aquarius? Or are you NOT but have some Aquarius tendencies occasionally? Or do you think Astrology is a load of crap and don’t care but think it’s fun anyway? 😉