Zen Home: Invite Serenity into Your Life

Your home design can be much more than aesthetic embellishment. It can be a source of inspiration, and serenity that will motivate you to embrace a more peaceful, fulfilling lifestyle. If you want a home that will help you become more mindful and help you attain inner peace, there’s no better choice that Zen-inspired design.

Think earthy and neutral

Somehow, it all starts with colours in the interior design. When it comes to Zen-inspired style, the key lies in picking hues that will set the tone of serenity and peacefulness. Earthy tones will bring you closer to nature and create a subtle yet impactful backdrop to your home décor. Soft hues, such as browns, greens and beige, are truly calming, which makes them perfect for your Zen home. Other options include whites, pale greys and open blues, all bringing a unique sense of serenity to your home.

Introduce natural materials

Nature is the key principle in Zen homes and you should use every opportunity to bring it to your home. You should focus on wood and stone as your primary materials choices. While wood will bring a soft touch of warmth to your space, roughly cut stone will create a ruggedly beautiful effect. Bamboo is often used in the homes of the Far East and it’s become quite popular in the Western world, as well, as an eco-friendly solution.

Go green

Eastern philosophies are about being one with nature. Thus, you should contribute to the protection of the environment and go green in your Zen home. You can make your home more eco-friendly by installing energy- and water-saving fixtures, introducing sustainable materials and opting for organic fabrics. However, you can also adopt some eco-friendly habits, such as recycling and turning off the lights when you don’t need them. These might seem like insignificant changes, but even the tiniest ones can make the difference.

Transform your bathroom into a Zen retreat

Your bathroom can be your peaceful oasis of relaxation and calm where you can leave your worries behind and get in touch with your inner self. You can do this by adding accents to your bathroom design by implementing a single focal point that will exude elegance. For instance, modern freestanding bathtubsthat feature a clean, simple design are used in stylish bathroom retreats, bringing a touch of sophistication. You can use one as the focal point of your bathroom and emphasise it with subtle lighting. Other elements that you should include in your Zen bathroom include wooden details, such as decorations or storage solutions, soothing fragrances, and a plant or two.

Set up a yoga corner

If you haven’t started practicing yoga, it’s time you did, as this practice will benefit both your body and your mind. And there’s no better way to start than by setting up your own yoga corner that will inspire you to do so. Whether you have an empty room or a free corner in your bedroom, it’s important that your yoga area is placed away from distractions and noise. Simplicity should dominate this space, with a yoga mat and a subtle lighting being the two most important elements. You can also set up a sound system so that you can play some relaxing tune while practicing yoga and meditating.

Maximize natural lighting

There’s nothing like a soft glow of natural light to fill your home with an open, airy vibe. Apart from being elegant, natural light is also beneficial for your health, reducing stress and enhancing your mood. You should maximize natural light in your home by removing drapes from your windows, possibly installing skylights or solar tubes and using simple tricks, such as introducing mirrors that will reflect lights. However, don’t go overboard with mirrors because, according to feng shui, mirrors bounce off energy and may lead to anxiety and stress.

Embrace peaceful minimalism

Not only does clutter create an unsightly visual appeal, but it can also affect your mood and make you feel cramped and stressed in your own home. It goes without saying that this isn’t acceptable in a Zen home, so make sure to get rid of clutter and introduce minimalism as its dominant style. In a Zen home, just a few impactful details will set the tone of peacefulness while the rest should be removed. Minimalism is a great way to embrace subtlety and moderation in your lifestyle, as well, erasing the need for excessiveness and burdening yourself with unnecessary things.

Designing a Zen home will not only surround you with peacefulness, but it will also help you find serenity within you.

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