There are certain things in life that are just kind of a given. Like, when you’re ready to take a leap in your career and ask your boss for that promotion. When you know the person you’re with is The One. When you’re ready to have a baby (I’m guessing?). And, another given for a lot of us is, when you know the time has come for… your yoga teacher training.

Whether you commit to a 30-day immersion or a 16-week training, whether you shell out $1,000 or $15,000, enrolling in a YTT program is a commitment, and a big one. It takes time, money, and a lot more focus and energy than you might anticipate. But when you can’t shake the feeling that it’s something you NEED to do—whether you have the itch to teach or just hope to deepen your practice—it’s a pretty good sign you’re ready for yoga teacher training. Here are some other signs it’s time to pull the trigger.

You know you’re ready for YTT when…

“I already took class today” is no reason for you not to say yes to your friend’s evening yoga class invitation. Double down, baby!

Your hamper is constantly overflowing with yoga pants and tank tops.

Some people sit with some decorum, with a ladylike leg-cross in their desk chair. You? You sit in double pigeon.

When you walk past your coworker’s desk and notice her hunching over, you gently pull her shoulders back and tell her to “shine her heart” and “gather some space.”

You pop up out of bed to write down an awesome vinyasa transition that came to you just as you were falling asleep.

Your purse and pockets are filled with cocktail napkins and gum wrappers with bits and pieces of yoga sequences written down.

“I know a good stretch for that” is your automatic response when a friend so much as rubs his calf. Sure, he could be scratching a mosquito bite. But he could also really need some time in a full virasana!

You successfully convinced your aunts and uncle to join you in a sunrise yoga session on the lagoon deck during your family’s Fourth of July shore vacation. And then had the neighbors ask to join your “class” and happily invited them to join. (No? Just me?)

The very thought of putting on anything other than yoga pants is daunting. Ain’t nobody got time for jeans anymore.

“Bring the gaze to your third eye” actually means something to you.

You know how to pronounce chakra, sarvangasana, savasana, and paschimottonasana.

You start saying “Namaste” on your way out of any room and as you hang up from any phone call, including one with your boss.

People regularly ask about your weight training program upon seeing your toned arms, and you get a little bit of glee in telling them the only weight you lift is your own body weight. Handstands and arm balances are your free weights!

Over to you, yogis: What was your “sign” that it was time to take the plunge into YTT?