Yes please, I would love to spend every waking hour doing yoga and then dreaming about yoga in my sleep. Yoga is my thing, it is what I am meant to be doing. Like all the time.

But with our modern society, all your tasks, to-do lists, work, studying, grocery shopping, commuting – and everything else that makes life worthwhile, but sometimes a bit difficult to handle – yoga can easily be left behind. That is, if you do not make an effort to squeeze it in wherever you can.

In her book, Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about how, when having a love affair, people are somehow always able to make time for their lover, and will squeeze in a short meet-up whenever possible, no matter how busy they are. She says that the same goes for your creativity.

Even if you only have fifteen minutes a day in a stairwell alone with your creativity, take it. Go hide in that stairwell and make out with your art!

— Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

And I feel like exactly the same goes for yoga. Of course, I look at yoga as an extremely creative process, and I encourage you to treat it like a love affair.

Make time for your yoga. Squeeze it in, five minutes there and two minutes somewhere else.

Do some eagle arms while sitting by your desk.

Do a forward fold or bend backwards when you go to the toilet.

Stretch your shoulders on the next wall you can find. Or jump up to a handstand, by that same wall.

Sit on the chair with one leg crossed.


Breathe like your life depends on it.

Close your eyes and express your gratitude.

Stop and take a breath when outside, just realizing how amazing life is, feeling the fresh air in your lungs.

Make time for it.

Stand up right now and do a down dog to wild thing flow, once on each side.

Give yourself two minutes for reclined bound angle or spinal twist when you are lying in bed.

And breathe.

Stop thinking that you need an hour of time to do yoga. Stop thinking that you need ten minutes. Just use those two minutes you get.

Quite possibly it will feel like those two minutes will make your day longer, instead of shorter.

It will add to your minutes instead of taking them away.

Just breathe.

Start living your yoga instead of just doing it.

And slowly, every single move you make will be your yoga.

Make it yours.

Because sometimes it feels like you need to move with your breath to be able to think.

Sometimes it feels like you need to bend backwards to see things clearly.

Sometimes it feels like you cannot fall asleep without a minute in child´s pose, where you feel completely safe and protected.

So do it. Treat your yoga like a love affair, even hide it from the world if necessary. Squeeze it in. Do whatever it takes.

Because trust me – you and yoga are simply meant to be.

How do you make time for your yoga? Do you treat it like a love affair? Tell us in the comments!

Featured image from Bad Yogi community member Olivia Meadows.

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