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Yoga for Better Sex

Yoga for better sex– oh yes, we’re going there!

Today we’re gonna dive into some poses that will help improve your sex life. Not because they’ll make you a bendy acrobat, just because they’ll target different areas of the body that we want to be either more relaxed or less restricted.

Enjoy! 😉

1. Hip lists on the block, 3 sets of 10 reps per side. 
These are tricky– not because they’re difficult, just because they take an extra degree of mindfulness to target the area we’re trying to target. These are fantastic for toning the pelvic floor. And if you want a satisfying sex life, a balanced, toned pelvis floor is what you want to cultivate! This exercise specifically strengthens the outer hips, because if the hips aren’t functionally strong, the pelvic floor can’t properly do its job either.

Begin by standing on a sturdy yoga block with one foot dangling off the side. BUT, keep the hips level. In other words, even though one foot is off the block, it’s not hanging down. So the hip bones that protrude in the front of your pelvis, those are at the same height to start.
Next, draw that hip that’s off the block UP. You’re hiking this hip up towards the ribs by a couple inches. Lastly, sink that dangling heel DOWN past the top of your block. In the previous step and this one, the hip bones are uneven.

From the starting position, one lift up and one dip down counts as one for better sex bad yogi2. Cat/Cow.
More work & release for the pelvic floor! When we tuck the pelvis under, we’re shortening (engaging) the pelvic floor…
When in cow, we’re lengthening the abdominal muscles and the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Doing a few rounds of cat/cow regularly is a great way to build awareness around this area while also bringing balance to the pelvic floor for better sex all around.  3. Pigeon.
While in pigeon, try to relax the hips with each exhale. Keep the back leg long and as you breathe out, visualize the hips softening down towards the mat. If you can unravel the tension in the hips, pelvis, and lower back, you’ll reap the benefits later!
4. Shoulderstand.
I chose shoulderstand for this post because it’s a gentle inversion but an inversion nonetheless. Why are inversions important? It gets all the blood flowing to, arguably, our most vital sex organ: THE BRAIN.

If you feel a lot of discomfort in shoulderstand, you can always do legs up the wall OR prop your hips up on a block in low bridge and spend a few breaths there. 5. Reclined Bound Angle.
One of the biggest inhibitors to great sex is our inability to relax. Spend a few breaths after your practice in reclined bound angle to help your body unwind and your brain slow down. If we can bring our bodies into harmony with our breath, we’re already in a better place.

Focus on softening the legs down with your exhale and simply slowing down your inhale. Think: softening, lightening, relaxing. Over to you! I won’t put you on the spot to ask if you tried these, but I hope they’re useful! 😉 

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