I had an announcement I wanted to share with you all. I didn’t anticipate having to make one, but I’ve gotten a zillion emails about this in just a couple days, so for those of you who asked what happened to some of my videos, here goes:

This will probably only mean something to those of you who knew me from the 30 Day Yoga Challenge from back in the day, but just a quick refresher… A few years ago, we at Bad Yogi decided to create a 30-Day Yoga Challenge and share it on DoYouYoga’s platform. Hundreds of thousands of you have accepted that challenge since and as many of you know, that led to a follow-up project in partnership with DYY. This was awesome for the time, but I thought you should know that Bad Yogi and DYY have decided to part ways and will no longer be affiliated. Please know that there is no bad blood between us, we’ve just reached a point where our individual goals no longer align. We’re growing in very different directions, and it’s not possible for us to maintain the same type of relationship anymore.

Here’s what that means for you:
– The 30 Day Yoga Challenge is moving so you may have noticed it’s currently unavailable. That will change soon, so stay tuned for more news there! It’s not gone forever 🙂
– If you purchased anything through DYY over the past couple of years (backing the Kickstarter, MyYogaPro, etc), you’ll still have access to that stuff, so no worries there.

As I said, this is a drama-free situation, so it’s all good news. No sad feelings or bad blood, I just wanted you to have the full picture if you’re looking for videos and wondering WTF 😉

Bad Yogi is our sole endeavor and understandably, 100% of our efforts will always have to lie here. This is and always has been my biggest passion and I only want the best of myself to be invested here with all of you.

I’m here for questions if you need as usual!