If you read my other posts, you know I am in the middle of my 200 hour teacher training! We’ve had a few full days devoted to anatomy, including the study of fascia. First, I was like WTF is fascia?! And now I’m like, stunned I never knew this before! So here’s a fascia 101 for anyone looking to better understand their body.

So seriously, WTF is fascia?

Fascia is thin fibrous material that encompasses everything on your insides, like an envelope. Imagine your muscles and the connective tissue that wraps around them and connects to other points in your body — that’s fascia. It literally wraps everything. It can be fibrous, gel-like, or liquid-like.

Then there are fascial chains throughout your body. For example, your frontal fascial chain starts at the top of your foot, continue up your shin, over your quad, up the side of your hip, through your inner ribs, and then up to your hyoid bone and the side of your face. It’s all connected! That’s why sometimes you hear about releasing your legs to help with a release in your jaw… crazy right!

Anatomists looooove to talk about fascia. There’s even an entire RESEARCH CONGRESS dedicated fascia (check it out!). But, why should we care? Learning about fascial chains can be helpful in learning to sequence either for yourself or for your yoga classes (if you go the teacher route). It can also help us understand things going on in our own bodies. And it’s just really cool! If you know the connections between muscles and muscle groups you can plan a practice that will help relieve and stretch throughout your body. Plus, isn’t it super fun to nerd out?!!

Have you ever heard of fascia? Sounds rad, right?