There are many advantages to working from home; for example, you’re not spending time (and money) on commuting. You tend to eat better, because you can make a healthy lunch in your own kitchen instead of heading to the deli or taco truck at noon. You save money on dry cleaning, because you can pretty much wear your Lulu pants and/or your OM-symbol t-shirts all the time!

But that last one isn’t the only yoga-related benefit to working from home. The best part is being able to “sneak in” some yoga practice throughout the day … while still being just as (or even more) productive.

I’ve been working from home for four-plus years now. I’ll admit it hasn’t always been great for my overall health, as I spent the first two-and-a-half years hunched over my keyboard, devolving into a shapeless, self-loathing mass. Luckily for me, I discovered yoga. And being able to go to yoga classes in the studio (and on the water) totally revitalized me, physically and mentally.

As I grew in my practice, I realized I didn’t have to wait for that evening’s yoga class … I could pretty much get my yoga fix almost anytime during the day. Not a full-on, hour-long sequence of course, but five to ten minutes here and there between conference calls and deadlines improved my work day immensely.

My “home studio” is my spare bedroom-slash-office. It’s a bit cramped, but there’s enough room to bust out a quick Sun A or three when I’m switching tasks. I’ll also do some chair twists, cat/cow, boat pose … nothing too crazy, but it’s just enough to help me be more attuned and focused before I get on a call or pick up a new project.

Before I worked from home, I worked in one of those open-office scenarios technology companies are so enamored of … and I’ll admit, if I had to go back into that environment, I would be too self-conscious to push back from my keyboard and do a few asanas. (Let alone be able to meditate or do some Pranayama to chill out before a big presentation.)

So if you work from home full-time, part-time, or just every once in a while, break up your day with some micro-practices. Might as well, because you’re likely wearing your yoga clothes anyway!

Whether you work from home or not, when do you find time for just a few minutes of yoga?