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Why Should I Be a PBYP Mentor?

When Erin announced the PBYP mentor program news I was excited; partly at the idea of being a mentor and partly at the growth of the Perfect Body Yoga Program. The closer I came to completing the program the more I wondered if I should sign up as a mentor. That would be cool wouldn’t it? I could help and encourage others, but… I don’t have anything to offer.

I Don’t Have Anything to Offer…

  • I don’t know very many people and I am the only one in my group of friends that practice yoga on a daily basis. I don’t think anyone would actually sign up because of me.
  • I don’t teach yoga and I haven’t done any YTT.
  • I can’t do all of the poses perfectly.
  • I don’t eat healthy all the time.
  • I don’t look like the stereotypical yogi.
  • I don’t comment or react to every post on the PBYP FB Page.
  • I am not perfect.

…Or Do I?

See the pattern? I do. I’ll never understand why I think the negative first, but thankfully I have learned how to turn that around (most of the time). So let’s try this again.

I can help and encourage others, I have plenty to offer.

  • I can share my experiences and maybe even introduce friends and family to the Bad Yogi style of yoga.
  • I have a degree in Health and Physical Education, I have worked in two fitness centers as a fitness coach and I have practiced yoga for several years. I have a decent knowledge base to be able to answer small questions confidently.
  • I can modify poses with the best of them. Recovering from a knee injury has taught me the importance of modifications, props, and taking things slow. It’s a lesson I had to learn the hard way. It’s also a lesson I can share.
  • I can continue to TRY to eat healthy and give my body the nutrients it needs. I can motivate and encourage and cheer on others facing the same battle.
  • I look like a Bad Yogi! To my knowledge there is not a single “look” that defines what it is to look like a Bad Yogi. That is one of the beauties of Bad Yogi. You can be anyone and be a Bad Yogi.
  • I can answer questions on the PBYP FB Page when I know the answer and it has yet to be given. I can comment on posts when I have something to contribute. I can click “like” or one of the other reaction icons as a way to say to others “I hear ya” or “you’re not alone” or “nice” or etc.. It’s amazing how supported you feel from something as small as a “like” or a comment.
  • “I am Perfect exactly as I am!”

But Why Become a PBYP Mentor?

Now I can do all of these things without becoming a PBYP Mentor. So, why did I become a PBYP Mentor? I did it for selfish reasons.

  • Because it is extremely motivating doing the things listed above. When I am trying to help and encourage others, it’s almost like looking into a mirror offering help and encouragement to myself.
  • Because it feels good to help and motivate others and I seem to have always been drawn to this. If I can help, encourage or motivate with anything in life I try to do so.
  • Because if I am going to attach myself to a program, what better program than one that encourages you to embrace yourself as you are and to strive to be the healthiest version of yourself you can be.
  • Because I want to be a part of something. The fact is that I know very few people in my little world that practice yoga on a daily basis and sometimes that makes me feel alone within my practice. I didn’t realize just how alone until the PBYP FB Page was created. I now have a place where I can share my successes and steps to success (aka failures). The Bad Yogis in this group are going to share in my excitement and my frustrations. It may be that no one ever signs up under my name and that’s ok, but I want to be there for others who have been alone in their practice as I was.

Yogis, have you thought about doing PBYP? Or becoming a mentor? Or have you fought your negativity to do something else super-cool? Tell us in the comments!




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