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Why is my hair PURPLE?!

It’s not technically Q&A Wednesday, but I wanted to do this video as a bonus this week because there’s a VERY pressing question floating around on social media: “Erin, why did you dye your hair purple?!”

Really there’s no better reason for dying your hair than, “because I’m a grown ass woman and I do what I want!” But, my answer is actually slightly more complex than that.

Though feeling like I can do what I want definitely played a part 😉

Here it is, folks! There’s captions as well for those of you who can’t listen to the audio or would rather read.

Over to you! Have you ever done something like this? Maybe not with hair, but something that made you practice the art of not caring what other people think? Share your stories!

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    February 2, 2018 at 6:54 pm

    Hi Erin, Yes I have done something that people thought I was crazy to do. At 45 I got a tattoo on my back, low back area where no one sees it, but thru the family & friends they all thought I was crazy. Saying midlife crisis. Well, no it wasn’t a midlife crisis and I seriously dislike that term “Midlife Crisis.” I just decided to do it for ME & then chopped off all my long hair to a short shag – now you have to realize this was 19 years ago as I’m 64 now! But, I think it’s important to do things that make you feel special – especially when YOU feel like YOU need a change.
    I love your purple hair, it truly brings out your blue eyes!! You would be gorgeous no matter what you did!
    My husband of 34 years feels the same as the Frenchmen, if I’m happy that’s all that matters! We obviously have good men & are secure enough not to care what other people think… So I that in itself sets us apart from anyone else!! Kudos to US!! I have no regret for the tattoo nor the haircut because my hair has grown back & I’ve cut it several times. I think changing things up is what makes people like us unique & interesting!!

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    February 4, 2018 at 7:07 am

    Hello Erin,

    I really appreciate what you say and do.
    The thing i love most is that you are not perfect. In yoga sometimes, with discipline and practice, it’s like if we have to be perfect to grow. Do it everyday, do our exercices, méditations, pranayama.
    I belive in yoga and in the good thing that it can bring to my life.
    But sometimes, i can’t do it. I don’t want to do it.
    Thank to you, i see that i can be different. We all have our fallures and try to deal with it.
    We have to find our own way to do.
    For me yoga is not only on the mate, it’s everyday, everywhere, in every situation we can use it.

    Thank for being special, different and share you doubts. Inspiring.


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