Yesterday I bought a whole chicken to roast which is one of my very favorite things. I chose a local, organic, humanely raised chicken from a farm and I was so excited about this choice! So responsible! So fresh! Such a good decision!

But when I got home I realized it looked SO fresh, I really thought a skilled vet could probably still resuscitate it. It still had feet, a neck, and sooo many feathers, I could hardly stand to look at it! I was like, “I can literally brush this chicken’s hair & shake its hand… I want to name it Larry, not put it in the oven!”

And this is my struggle with eating meat. I feel like a hypocrite and a coward because if I had to kill my own food or even prep it to this degree every time I ate it, I’d be vegetarian in a SECOND. It was SO disturbing to me that it looked so much like what it was: an animal.

I really think if we all forced ourselves to be a little closer to the meat & animal products we consumed, we’d cut back BIG TIME. Factory farming blinds us to the consequences of our consumption because by the time meat gets to us, it resembles “food,” but generally not a whole animal. So we know it’s chicken but we don’t connect to the reality that it’s A CHICKEN!

Believe it or not, I actually don’t eat a lot of meat! But every time I prep a whole animal for a meal, I remember the weight of my decision. I said a little prayer of gratitude to my chicken friend yesterday & thanked it for it’s sacrifice and nourishment.

Not everyone can easily access or afford organic, local, farm-raised meat, but we can all respect whatever meat we DO consume by being more mindful, minimizing waste, and even cutting back one day a week (for example!).

Does anyone else struggle with this?! How do you cope with that inner conflict?

(I put this in my stories yesterday and got SO many responses, IG couldn’t even count them. It just stayed at 99+ all day! So sharing this here to keep the convo going…)