We’ve all had it happen, you walk into class excited, and the second the teacher opens her mouth – it all comes crashing to the ground. There’s something about them that just rubs you the wrong way. Is it their voice? The way they cue you into postures? Maybe you can’t put your finger on it, but it is fully destroying your yoga class.

Well you can’t just sit around…

The first and most obvious solution is to let it get to you; truly let your irritation show. Grumble under your breath, look angry and start to clench your muscles. We all know that the best thing to do in yoga class is to fixate on the little things, right? The rest of the students might be blissfully breathing in downward dog, but you are clenching your jaw and rolling your eyes aggressively with every new instruction. That’s it!

Get competitive!

If there’s one thing that has always worked for me, it’s the art of being competitive with other students to take my mind off of something. Who can do the best warrior 3? You bet it’s you! Look around when everyone is in balancing poses and push past that pesky voice in your head cautioning for moderation. You want to win – and yoga is a competitive solo sport.

The Nuclear Option (Part One): Do Your Own Thing

If this teacher just gets you angrier and angrier, just tune them out. Maybe practice some Zumba, dance a little tune on your map – anything that distracts you from that teacher. You paid to be there, right? Small concern: other students… (but hey, if you’re so fixated on this one issue – the other people don’t matter either)

The Actual Nuclear Option: Leaving Class

Okay okay, let’s bring things back to a somewhat reasonable frame of mind. Let’s say you enter this yoga class and everything you’re doing is making you mad, leave. Sometimes we’re simply not in the zone and that’s totally okay. There’s another day, another class, and ultimately another teacher.

What do you think yogis? Have you ever experienced a teacher that distracts you from the practice? Have you ever done anything exceptionally dramatic?