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When To Use Discipline vs When To Give Yourself Grace

This is such a great question because we all struggle with differentiating between when we truly need a rest and when we need to push through. Of course I can’t speak for YOU specifically, but I’ll share my own process for how to tell the difference between my laziness vs my need for rest.

First, I ask myself, “What cues are telling me I need to rest?”
I look for exhaustion, inability to focus, symptoms of a cold or illness, or a TRUE over scheduling of my work. If any of these things is in play, I give myself the day off from whatever movement I’m trying to avoid. Usually I still crave a bit of gentle yoga, even on those days, but generally, these reasons give me a “pass.”

On the other hand, if the answer to that same question is mainly, “I don’t feel like it.” I encourage myself to do SOMETHING. Even if I only commit to 15 minutes, I always feel better having pushed through that resistance… and usually I end up doing more than 15 minutes, too!

Pushing through our internal resistance to these types of things gives us a sense of pride we don’t get anywhere else. Yes, there are some very legitimate reasons for giving yourself grace and taking time to rest and rejuvenate. But a lot of times, what we need more is that little bit of belief in ourselves that we CAN do the hard thing and we’ll feel better for having done it in the end.

So that’s my super simple process for how I make that call. What’s your process? How do you know when you truly need the rest versus when you need to push through with discipline?

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