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8 Essentials To Bring On Your First Yoga Retreat

Are you going to your very first yoga retreat? After the excitement of the upcoming trip fades, you may wonder what exactly to pack. Here you can find some of the essentials that you should take to your yoga, silent, or meditation retreat.


Of course, you will want to take your leggings. But you don’t want to take every single pair that you own. As you progress in your retreat, you can either wash your leggings or rewear them. To rewear your leggings, you can bring your most sweat-resistant pairs with you. Just make sure they’re not super tight so that you’re comfortable. You will also want to leave your neutral colored leggings at home as your black pairs will allow you to have more retreat outfit options.


Unless you’re going to a tropical location, you will want to bring clothing other than tank tops and leggings. As you go between yoga classes, meditation sessions, and hanging out with the other retreat participants, your body temperature will go up and down. If the sweater is thin enough, you can even wear it during yoga class.

Yoga Mat

Yes, this one is a no-brainer. Unless the retreat organizers tell you otherwise, you should pack your yoga mat first. To make your mat easier to travel with, put it in a drawstring bag. This bag will also make it easier for you to take your mat to and from different locations at the retreat.

Sunscreen and Sunglasses

Eagle Creek states that you should pack sunglasses and sunscreen on your trip. Sunscreen protects your skin from dangerous ultraviolet rays. Sunglasses will allow you to pay attention to the yoga instructor without getting blinded by the sun. Eagle Creek suggests that you get athletic sunglasses so that the pair isn’t slipping off your face when you’re doing asanas.


Nadine of Le Long Weekend suggests that you bring one pair of socks for each day that you will be on the retreat. You may not need to bring nearly as many socks if you’re going to be at or near the beach. But they’re still nice for those toasty nights.

Meditation Blanket

Travel Fashion Girl suggests that you bring along a meditation blanket. However, you don’t have to use this blanket just for saying “om”. You can also use it as a way to stay warm on those cooler nights. Travel Fashion Girl says that she brings along a Turkish towel because she can use it to wipe up spills if needed.

Your Journal

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As you’re engaged in yoga classes and meditation sessions, you may find that a lot has come to mind as you’re engaged in these activities. You don’t want to let these thoughts fade away into nothingness. By having your journal with you, you can capture these fleeting thoughts as well as write about your impressions of the experience you’re having.

Casual Clothes

You’re not always going to be in a yoga class or a meditation session. All yoga retreats set aside some time for you to get to know the other participants. For these occasions, you can pack lightweight tops, a summer dress (for women), and pants. For footwear, you can bring sandals and running shoes.


Other than the really obvious items for going on a trip of any kind (undergarments, toiletries, ID, and water bottle), this list contains many of the items that you’ll need for a yoga retreat. It’s important not to overpack as that could take away from your experience. But that won’t happen if you pack only the things that you’ll know you will need.


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  1. Avatar


    May 6, 2019 at 5:44 am

    I just did my first yoga retreat with some of my class regulars, it was so much fun and I’m already planning the next one

    Wish i had this list before we went though! a yoga journal would of been a great thing to have.

    I’d maybe add your personal playlist as well, ipod, phone whatever it is. Having some chill time listening to music and writing in your yoga journal, perfect!

  2. Avatar

    emily vardy

    July 25, 2019 at 5:17 pm

    A light sweater for early mornings is definitely important! A lot of the retreats I’ve been to have a morning practice before breakfast, so I’ve found it good to have a few snacks with me just so that I have something in my belly!

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