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What I Eat In A Day (Pregnancy Edition!)

This is a just for fun post and somewhat of a throwback to the old days of blogging. When I first started reading blogs, I think 90% of the ones I followed were about food and nutrition, so once a week the author would do a post like this one.

Seeing what someone eats in a day has the same level of satisfaction we get when we slowly drive by a stranger’s house and creep to see what their living room looks like through the window 😂Try to convince me you don’t ever do that…

Anyway, my strategy with my daily eats is to get as much fiber and fresh fruit as I possibly can while making sure I get adequate protein. Also, in my non-pregnant state, I don’t eat nearly as much dairy as I do right now and I’m also not overly strict in general.

Here’s a day of what I’d consider semi-indulgent eats!

Meal 1: 9:30am: Oatmeal

what i eat in a day bad yogi oatmeal

I eat this daily for breakfast! Oats, water/oat milk, 2 egg whites, cacao powder, peanut butter, vanilla extract, a bit of sugar, and topped with diced banana.

bad yogi what i eat in a day

…plus half an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie while I wait for my breakfast to finish cooking 😉

bad yogi what i eat in a day

and always, always 1 shot of espresso over ice with a little oat milk

Meal 2: 2:15pm: Lunch

bad yogi what i eat in a day

LOVING sandwiches right now! I heat up a couple slices of organic chicken & make a grilled sandwich with emmental, mustard, and fresh bread from the bakery. Plus a side of berries which I can’t get enough of lately!

Snacks @ 4:15pm & 5pm:

bad yogi what i eat in a day

On Sundays we rest! Had a decaf espresso with the other half of the cookie I ate before breakfast 😉

bad yogi what i eat in a day

But needed a more substantial snack so I settled on a peach from the market & some raw almonds (good for heart burn!)

Meal 4: Dinner @ 7:30pm:

bad yogi what i eat in a day

Roasted chicken, green beans, & a lemon risotto I was in the mood to make. …may have gone back for seconds on the risotto & greens 😉

“Meal” 5: Dessert @ 9:30pm:

bad yogi what i eat in a day

We went for a walk and saw my fave ice cream place is open for the season! Had to get a couple scoops of cappuccino to share (it’s coffee ice cream with chocolate chunks– so good!)

And there you have it! On a typical day, I wouldn’t have ice cream and definitely not in such a large quantity, but this is just one snapshot of a day in the life. My main meals & snacks generally look pretty similar with one obvious thing missing: WATER. I drink 3-4 liters of water a day while pregnant because I also usually either workout or do yoga. Plus, not pictured is my GIANT prenatal vitamin, haha! This was a Sunday, so I took the day off except for a nice long walk ☺️

Over to you! What’s your go-to menu for a typical day in the life? 

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