WERK THOSE WORKSHOPS: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Hit One Up!

Learning is a beautiful thing; we do it daily! Yoga brings out the student in everyone (including teachers looking to add a little spice into their classes). Books, Google, Bad Yogi and more– the possibilities are endless.

BUT SERIOUSLY WORKSHOPS! These babies give you that ability to go in-depth, especially if you want to work on that back bend, improve arm balances, or add more to your meditation. Here are my top 5 reasons why you need to check one out.

    All of your favorite workshops are topic specific. You can learn to create your own mat cleaner to learning how Pranayama can help you reduce anxiety. The specific topic allows you to focus your learning into one area.
    You get to meet fellow yogis!!! YES, talk about creating a community with like-minded individuals. Always great to expand your ever growing circle of friends. Also I can’t tell you how nice it is to know that someone will be there to help you hold your hair when in a handstand. You take the word explore that much further by finding out where your edges lie and where you want to go. Bouncing ideas off of others and realizing that you might have future partners in crime.
    This is great especially for teachers who attend workshops. You already know the mechanics of getting into a certain asana/pose. You already know what how to take that giant step to get to your Warrior I. Workshops can help you learn how to tuck, roll, jump, breathe and wiggle safely.
    This works extremely well in back bends, using the wall, blocks and chairs. You can also get adjustments (even though they aren’t your Chiropractor’s) so that you definitely can find out where you are in your practice. If you are the goal-setting person, then you know how to get there.
    I enjoy the odd question in class, and sometimes I really want to delve in further. Ask the questions you need no matter what they are. It’s great as a student to open up to the possibilities of where your practice and journey can go.
    There is always such great food, music, and laughter!!!  It is so much fun and in your best interest to interact with others on this different level.

Get on with your bad self and do as Rhianna says: werk werk werk werk werk werk! Why do you love yoga workshops? And if you haven’t been to one, what are you waiting for?!

Photo credit:  Kelly Cobus Photography

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  1. Amanda


    April 20, 2016 at 11:42 am

    Workshops are great! Even just going to a new class with a new teacher offers some of those benefits….you end up working on things you might not have worked on otherwise. But yes, with workshops you get a depth of experience with one particular aspect of the practice, which is great, because in your daily practice you don’t always have or make time to play so much with one particular thing.

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