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We Tried Out the ‘Worlds Comfiest Shoe’ and Have Some Thoughts

Watch out Crocs! There is another bulky, colorful, comfy shoe on the market- the Birkenstock® Arizona EVA sandal– and it’s ready to take your place.

They aren’t the typical leather material that you think when you hear Birkenstock, but made of a rubber material.

A couple weeks ago there was a news article talking about these shoes and how they would be what everyone is wearing this summer. I actually own a pair of these sandals and, I’ve got to say, I definitely agree. I couldn’t stop texting the Bad Yogi team to tell them how comfy they were!

They run $39.95 +shipping, which is an amazing price for Birkenstocks and I got them in women’s size 36 (a women’s 5-5.5) in coral. They come in both women’s and men’s sizes but the colors are different for both.

Here’s My Honest Opinion

The Good

  1. When I first received them I thought they had made a mistake and that there was nothing inside the box. They are incredibly light, which I love for general wear and for toting around before and after work.
  2. THE COLORS!!!!! I am a Pink girl through and through. The coral is less coral and more bright pink (LOVE!). They also came in a lavender for women and a royal blue and navy green for men.
  3. One Word: Waterproof. In the summer, this is amazing. I HATE wearing my Hunter’s when it’s 90 degrees outside and raining. I also hate wearing regular shoes (ew, wet feet inside socks). These sandals are amazing in rain and are a sandal version of a rainboot (a wellie if you’re from England!)
  4. This is the most important one: the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. I wore them to and from the airport when traveling to England and I also wore them the entire week I was in England. I’d walk 12-14 miles some days and not once did I get blisters or were my feet in pain. They have a good arch support and are so light it’s like walking barefoot, but with support. Unlike the leather Birkenstocks (which I love), you don’t have to break them in to enjoy them. No scars, no pain, just comfort.

The ‘Meh’

  1. I said bulky, and I meant it. Although I bought them in a size meant for 5-5.5 sized feet, they were still slightly big in the back and they are also very wide. With the bright colors, they are hard to miss when worn.
  2. Waterproof yes, but a little slippery on the inside. I have clammy feet. Gross, I know, but what are ya gonna do? It took more than 24 hours of travel in them for my feet to start slipping but towards the end of the day, my feet were clammy, and they were harder to wear when going up stairs or walking fast.

TL;DR- My Rating

10/10 would buy again!

I already loved my leather Birkenstocks, and these ones are no different.


Want to Buy a Pair for Yourself?

Men’s sizes are available through Zappos and can be purchased HERE.

Women can usually purchase through Zappos, but these sandals are flying off the shelves, so were actually sold out on Zappos. You can purchase them HERE.

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    June 25, 2019 at 5:55 pm

    I love love loooove mine! Have them in blue 🙂

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    July 1, 2019 at 7:09 am

    I have black ones, I guess they are two years old, and I just bought a second black pair because I thought what would happen if they stopped making them – I use them for the summer, for shoes to wear in the shower when I travel, for hot days (mine are not slippery).

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