This week I have a very interesting guest. I’m talking with Amber Sears (formerly Zuckswert– she just got married!) who’s somewhat of an expert in plant medicine, but especially ayahuasca. Some people are calling this the next medical marijuana, so it’s definitely something you want to know about!

If you have NO idea what I’m talking about– don’t worry. We’re talking about everything you didn’t know about psychedelics, especially ayahuasca. From what IS ayahuasca, what it does, how you do it, to challenging my OWN bias against it, we’re leaving no stone uncovered.

We also get pretty deep and chat about the spirit of certain plants & how they have the power to heal, other spiritual planes existing alongside us & a few other things that are going to challenge your perception of what you thought you knew.

I’ll also put a couple asterisks on this episode:
* First, none of what we speak about is intended to be medical advice or a medical suggestion. This is strictly someone’s experience and opinion, so take from it what you want and what resonated.
* Second, the medicines we’re talking about are illegal in the US, so all of the experiences Amber talks about are ones that were under the supervision of a professional in countries where they were legal. So I just wanna throw that out there!

Anyway, I’ll leave the rest as a surprise and let Amber take it from here…

If you want to hear more from Amber or experience one of her retreats, find out more below!