Today’s mini-challenge is to do 15 lunge pulses on each side. Pretty simple, right? Just wait until you start doing them– the burn is REAL.

I’ve been working this in to some of the stronger flows in my personal practice and I’m loving how it’s working! It really adds a different kind of strengthening element and is AWESOME for getting definition.

Step 1: Come to a regular Crescent Lunge! Your arms can be down with the hands at heart’s center, or up overhead. The focus is really on the lower body here.

Step 2: Keeping everything else stable, slowly bend the back knee so your shin is parallel to the mat. Keeping the pelvis stable, engage the hamstring to draw the knee down and keep pressing through the back heel. Hover for one full exhale, and inhale back to your Crescent Lunge. What makes this ultra tough is the fact that the front leg never straightens. In traditional walking lunges, both legs bend and then straighten. Here, we’re amplifying it yogi style.

Over to you! What did you think after you tried this? Pretty tough, right? Did you get through all 15 on each side?!