To Those In California

The state of California is currently in the midst of several damaging wildfires, where the Camp Fire, which decimated Paradise, has already burned about 117,000 acres and is only about 30 percent contained. An estimated 435 structures have been destroyed in the Woolsey Fire west of Los Angeles with another 57,000 structures believed to be under threat. The Woolsley Fire is also just 30 percent contained and has charred more than 90,000 acres in communities like Malibu and Thousand Oaks. Another blaze that has torn through 4,500 acres in Ventura County, the Hill Fire, was 85 percent contained.

Our hearts are aching at Bad Yogi, as we send our best wishes to anyone impacted by the wildfires. Natural disasters such as these are beyond devastating. The loss of lives, homes, pets, and possessions is truly unimaginable. To the individuals impacted we extend our warmest condolences and to the firefighters and First Responders who are working tirelessly, we thank you immensely and keep you and your safety in our hearts.

If you wish to help, here are a couple of ways to do so:

  1. Donate to the red cross: By texting CAWILDFIRES to 90999 you can donate $10 to the American Red Cross
  2. Donate to Enloe medical center: By texting CAMPFIRERELIEF to 91999 you can donate money to families who have been displaced or lost their homes due to the fires
    1. Enloe medical center is a 298-bed hospital in Chico. It is the site of multiple evacuation centers for the Camp Fire. It is accepting donations for patients and families who have been displaced
  3. Make donations to the ‘Humane Society of Ventura County’ that is frantically trying to house animals being displaced by the wildfires
  4. Physical donations to Fire fighters and First Responders, Items include:
    1. gallon ziplock bags
    2. eye drops
    3. face wipes
    4. energy drinks
    5. water
    6. granola bars
    7. beef jerky
    8. sunscreen
    9. gold bond powder
    10. Lip Balm/Chapstick

NOTE: Recently Firefighters have said they are inundated with donations and are extremely grateful. However, At this point money donations are the most impactful.

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