The Value of Rest

It is strange, how some days feel so empty.

So devoid of all energy.


That is how I´m feeling right now.

I´ve reached the point of busy where I don´t even know what to focus on anymore.

It´s Sunday, so I should take the day off. I will.


When I stop, I find this emptiness. The void that exists beyond the business.

I wonder, why do I do this?

Why do I keep myself insanely busy, all the time?

Am I doing this for myself?

Or am I doing this to prove something to others?


I crave the quiet. I crave the calm.

Yet, I rarely create time for it.

Am I worthy if I spend the day doing “nothing”?

If that item isn´t on the “To Do” list, is it a waste of time?


To sit in the quiet. To have some time for myself.

To let go of all the “should´s” and “ought to´s.”

I wonder- “How have I come this far?”

Why do I do this?


I´m getting more and more convinced, every day, that life is about more than being “busy”.

That the emptiness in between should be embraced.

That the time for doing “nothing” should be guarded.

That rest is equally, or even more important, than work.


So, I ask you, “Why do you do this?”

Are you creating the time for yourself to rest?

To let your body and mind rest?

To be okay with enjoying time with yourself, without crossing items of to do lists?

To allow the stress to melt away?


Because I´m sure that we need more of that.

More of rest.

Every day. Forever.

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