Prenatal yoga felt appropriate to publish this week 😉 I did this as a picture sequence a little while ago but I got requests to make it a class. Here ya go: this is the prenatal yoga sequence I’m betting Meghan Markle is doing every day at 4am.

These poses and this sequence are totally safe for pregnancy as long as you have clearance from your doctor to exercise.

Now, as promised in my post earlier this week, Bad Yogi will NOT turn into a mommy & baby space. I just wanted to get this class out there as a little celebration that a Baby Bad Yogi is on the way, but prenatal classes will not be the norm going forward. There will be plenty, but they won’t replace your normal classes 🙂 Just wanted to reiterate that!

In any case, whether you’re pregnant or not, this class will feel GLORIOUS on the hips and back, so ENJOY!