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The Power of Green (Tea)

Before I begin, I have a confession to make. I’m sorta an ‘all or nothing’ personality. And that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Now, let me tell you why that matters. Recently, I decided to quit coffee. And when I say quit, I mean cold turkey. Decided it one morning and just stopped, and didn’t even have a sip for over six weeks! I wouldn’t recommend this approach though, especially if you’re used to drinking it daily, because you could suffer some very uncomfortable withdraws. Luckily for me, other than the intense craving in the morning for my strong cup of joe, I had no physical withdraw symptoms. Phew!

Why Quit Coffee?

I do not think coffee is bad for you, and I even believe the contrary. Scientists are finding some amazing health benefits to moderate coffee consumption (may protect against Type 2 Diabetes, Parkinson’s, liver disease, improve cardiovascular health, and is packed with antioxidants). However, there is a caveat in my opinion, and that’s making sure the coffee you’re drinking is free of pesticides and chemicals. So, drinking organic is best, when possible.

I decided to quit coffee for a few personal reasons, but one of the main reasons was the way caffeine affects me. One cup of coffee gives me heart palpitations and I feel jittery. I don’t like that feeling and wanted to give my body a break and see how I felt.

When you stop or give up one habit, you have to replace it with something else otherwise you’re just white-knuckling it.

That something else for me was an almond milk matcha green tea latte. There are many reasons why this was my beverage of choice, and the first is that I love the taste. All are not created equal though, so it’s a trial and error approach to find the matcha that your taste buds enjoy. But when you do, it’s divine.

The caffeine in this powerful elixir doesn’t affect the CNS (central nervous system) the way coffee does. Matcha green tea does have caffeine so you feel mentally alert, but without the palpitations and jitters. It was a perfect replacement for me! There was a learning curve on how to make it without the powder clumping into a surprise bitter bomb at the end of my latte. But now, I’ve got it down perfect and love it! The best part is the amazing health benefits I’m getting too!

Matcha has been consumed in the East for over a millennium. I once read that warriors of medieval and early-modern Japan drank matcha before a battle not only because of its energizing property but because the energy it produces lasts up to six hours! This gave them the stamina they needed for their heroic battles. There are a ton of health benefits in matcha green tea but here are a few I find the most powerful:

  1. Detoxes: Due to its high chlorophyll content, matcha is said to remove heavy metals and other toxins from the body.
  2. Natural Fat Burner: EGCG found in matcha, is known to increase metabolism allowing you to burn fat more efficiently.
  3. Heart Healthy Qualities: Regular consumption of matcha, is associated with lower blood pressure, LDL cholesterol, and a decreased risk of stroke.
  4. Antioxidant Powerhouse: Antioxidants fight free radicals in our body, improving telomere integrity, skin, immunity, and a whole lot more!
  5. Alert, Yet Calm: The caffeine in matcha promotes a healthy state of calm alertness. This is due to the Theanine content which promotes the production of alpha waves in the brain.

You can drink this powerful elixir in its natural tea state or as a latte (my fave way!). You can even cook and bake with this beautiful green powder! Of course, there are benefits beyond the few I’ve listed here, but this gives you a great idea into why adding matcha green tea to your daily repertoire might be one of your best decisions for 2018.

In the end, after my total vacay from coffee, I now enjoy an organic cup of joe randomly whenever I crave the taste. But for now, I’m loving my daily morning cup of matcha green tea not only because of the taste but because I know with each sip I’m taking in an elixir of health.

Do you have an amazing matcha drink or recipe? What brand of matcha is your favorite? Share it with us here!


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  1. Avatar

    Yoga mom

    January 30, 2018 at 10:58 pm

    I love your article and also recently discovered matcha green tea! What a delicious elixir! Do you have a favorite brand of matcha that you use?

    1. Joy


      January 31, 2018 at 6:35 pm

      Thank you! I’m obsessed with my almond milk matcha latte! 🙂 I’ve only tried 3 or 4 brands but quickly noticed each matcha tastes very different. So far my fave is Good Foods brand (
      The link from Amazon but you can get it at any health food store! What’s your favorite brand?!

  2. Avatar


    February 4, 2018 at 3:53 pm

    You mention the way to mix the tea and milk to avoid clumping, could you share that with us, please.

    1. Joy


      February 4, 2018 at 7:40 pm

      Hi Ann! I put 2 teaspoons of the matcha powder in my mug first and mix it with a splash of hot water from my tea kettle. Then I add my hot almond milk. It dissolves it beautifully and I don’t get clumps anymore! 🙂 Let me know if you try it and how it works for you!

  3. Avatar


    February 8, 2018 at 7:45 am

    Worked like a charm, thank you !

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