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Are you totally feeling every single muscle in your body after the first few days of PBYP?!

When I first started testing the Perfect Body Yoga Program, I felt SO tired by the end of the 5th day. I felt every muscle in my body, I was sore, and totally ready to quit, cursing myself because OH MY GOD THIS IS SO HARD! Especially since I’d been on one of my No Carb Left Behind Tours and standing firmly in the anti-exercise camp. So needless to say, I was super ready for 2 days of rest. I’ve never slept better than I did while I was testing this program, and the first week was no different.

The weekend of rest was much needed and by the time I woke up on the next Monday, I felt like I had a new body. I’m not even exaggerating! When I stepped on to my mat at 7:30 that morning, instead of feeling rigid and tight, I felt pretty good! I was SO EXCITED that I could do a downdog first thing in the morning without feeling like my neck was tugging on muscles all the way down to my calves. I couldn’t believe that I got out of bed and my neck and back felt… well, they felt GOOD! They didn’t feel achey or stiff, they felt like I could actually use them. This was such a revelation to me!

My practice that Monday reminded me what it felt like to live in a body that was balanced. I just felt so good! When I went to take my shower and get ready for the day, I was brushing my teeth and thought, “OMG I HAVE BICEPS TODAY!” lol! In just 6 days of practice, I literally saw definition in my arms and shoulders. For me, the physical element of this was so not a primary focus, but it was definitely a welcome bonus.

I think that with any journey towards something, we reach a turning point when it stops feeling like we can’t and we’re suddenly met with the realization that we absolutely CAN. So, beyond biceps and a better back, the PBYP gave me my confidence again. And who doesn’t want a little more of that?


Over to you! What’s the biggest realization you’ve had this week? Are you doing the PBYP? What are your personal goals over the next few weeks?

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