Fellow Bad-Yogis, I am sitting here on my couch in a state of semi-shock. I can barely move, let alone move to get more hot chocolate from the kitchen. My hips are in the deathly throes of pain, and my poor shoulders – let’s not even speak of them. What happened? I may have accidentally overdone it at my last fitness class. This happens from time to time, especially when the music is pumping and it just feels SO good to keep going.

There are five stages of having “overdone” it – at least in my opinion and I have collected them in a series of gifs:

Everything is fine, I didn’t over do it at all (a.k.a. denial)

Wake up the next morning: What have I done, I can’t… I can’t move.

Does that mean I deserve a waffle for breakfast?

Nope, can’t move from my bed.

That means it’s rest day!