Steepin’ with My Yogis: Tea Time on the Go

Okay, so even though I’m slightly obsessed in general with tea, who here actually has time to always be waiting for it to steep? Now that it’s spring (and it may even feel like summer where some of you yogis are) everyone seems to be hustling and bustling, keeping busy trying to enjoy such amazing weather and sunshine. And who can be blamed? This is the time of year that nature intended for new growth, shedding off layers (and maybe some lbs.) and finally being able to get your Vitamin D from good ol’ Mr. Sun. But with getting fresh air and keeping yourself busy outside, sometimes it can be hard to sit still and enjoy your favorite cuppa. There’s the time needed to actually steep a good brew, and on top of that it can be SUCH a pain to carry or travel with a hot mug. But there are options!

First off, for the die-hard hot tea lovers, there’s no need to throw away your travel thermos altogether in the warmer summer months. It’s still a great idea for long commutes when you think you may be needing a warm, comforting tea on your drive. Of course with driving and tea, I have to ask that you all follow local rules of the road when it comes to distracted driving (but I know you yogis are smart cookies when it comes to safety). Anyway, thermoses are still an option and a good one at that! One thing to retrain your brain about is not only do they keep liquids hot, but they work great for cold tea steeping, too. Wha???

Maybe you’re wondering what cold steeping is now (or maybe not), but for those who don’t know—oh, how excited I am!—the world of brewing tea in cold liquids really is fun. You get a completely different flavor palette when teas are cold, and holy cow is it super easy! Not to mention it adds a TON of potential to cold drinks options. But first, how in the heck do you do it?

Once you’ve found that crème de la crème flavor that you think would taste great chilled, make sure you have a fine mesh tea ball (or maybe you even have one of those awesome new water bottles/tea tumblers with a tea strainer built into the lid). FYI, if you haven’t seen what I’m talking about yet you need to check out the new options at Starbucks, Amazon and even your favorite kitchen supply store. You can literally prepare your cold tea the night before and simply fill the lid with your favorite lose leaf blend, fill the bottle with water and stick in the fridge to grab before you head out the door. The best part of these things is there’s no need to throw away the tea leaves before you drink as the flavors will continue to steep all day long! And don’t forget this can be done with pitchers and water jugs you have at home too. A pitcher of iced tea can literally be ANY flavor you want, and is it ever a delicious, healthy alternative to juice for the whole family!


Just because life is busy and the days are getting longer doesn’t mean that you have sacrifice any “me” time that would normally involve having a nice relaxing beverage. Tea can be a great on-the-go pick me up in the warmer months and I mean, really, how nice would it be to get your 8 glasses of water a day in the form of a yummy iced green tea? Healthy, tastes good and is easy to fit into your daily routine…no more excuses. Get steeping!

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    June 7, 2016 at 5:47 am

    I love tea too! In the winter my go to is chi tea or apple cinnamon. The only cold tea I have is black tea with lemon unless it is sweet tea. I would like to try other flavors (except raspberry or peach I’ve tried tjosr and I’m not a fan). What are your favorites? I use bagged tea I don’t have a place that does loose tea leaves.

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