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Dieting vs. Self Love

We have been dieting hard since the ‘70s and where has it gotten us? Well, we spend over $70 billion a year annually on dieting. So is it working? Of course not! Dieting isn’t designed to work, it’s designed to make money. Another key indicator that this just isn’t working? Dieting and obesity  ...

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Eda Marbury: My Climb

For the last 2 years, I have begun to dig myself out of a self hatred hole that I dug. When I was in the 7th grade I became anorexic because I did not fit into what society wanted, my dad was an alcoholic and unsupportive, and I was heavily bullied in school. I thought that starving myself  ...

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Off the Mat Yoga

You Ain’t Your Weight

For ten years I was my weight. I was never not on a diet. Well, that’s not true, when I was between diets I was bingeing. I fell into this all or nothing cycle for a decade. Deprivation, binge, deprivation, binge. Dieting keeps us in a trap and to what end? In our search for skinny we have  ...

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