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I cried during yoga today. I know this is a thing that happens, I hear people share about it all the time. But I’m not one of “those” people. I go to yoga twice a week. I’m not good at the practice, I never have been. I’m 6 feet tall with size 11 feet. Bending and twisting and stretching and  ...

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How To

Breaking Down Utkatasana: Chair Pose

  When done correctly, Utkatasana (Chair Pose) is powerful and empowering. In fact, the translation of Utkatasana from Sanskrit to English literally means “powerful pose”. As we sit back in this imaginary chair, we create balance and strength in the physical body and find our power- both  ...

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How to Learn the Wisdom of Trees

Do you ever wonder how a tree can stay alive for so long when it appears as though it’s not getting water or nourishment?  The ground, the surface is dry, no rain for months.  Or maybe people chip away at it making their mark.  Storms change its appearance ripping branches from its trunk.  Yet  ...

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5 Yoga Pitfalls to Avoid

Whether you’ve been practicing for years and are fluent in Sanskrit, or you barely know the difference between warrior I and II, there’s probably some unknowns in the yoga world that you took at face value or things that you might have forgotten about over the course of your yoga journey. I’m  ...

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