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The Weird Thing About Progress

One of the things that comes up for me when I’m deep into a new routine like a new yoga habit or starting school again is that progress kind of sneaks up on you. It can feel like you’re going nowhere, but then bam! You’re suddenly in crow pose and you didn’t even realize  ...

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Off the Mat Yoga Popular

Are You Too Content?

Most of my writing inspirations come while I am listening to other peoples stories. As I listen, the little voices in my head start asking questions that just need answers. And this happened a few months ago. I was in a Vinyasa class and my instructor was telling a story about one of her  ...

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Yoga Practice

I Remember

I remember doing my first 10 minute yoga video and skipping chair pose because it was too difficult, too painful. I remember doing my first hot yoga class and being  much stronger than I believed. I remember not doing yoga at all. I remember starting Erin’s 30-day yoga challenge and  ...

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Yoga Practice

Progress not Perfection

As I scroll through my Instagram feed I am inundated with what I would call perfection (or near perfection). I follow lots of influencers in multiple spaces from fashion to cooking to yoga. As I scroll, I know that these pictures are most likely professional or it took a hundred shots before  ...

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