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How to Live a Life Without Regret

Have you ever been asked the question, “What is one thing in life you regret?” Some people find this question really simple to answer. I’ve heard people say they regret that they never went on a certain trip; they dated a certain person; that they didn’t explore an opportunity. I’ve even heard  ...

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5 Bad Yogi Mantras

We often hear teachers say at the beginning of class, “Set an intention or mantra for your practice”…and, for me at least, I always have my “go to mantras” ready – “inhale, love…exhale, peace” or “I am patient, I am strong”  ...

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Yoga Practice

Progress not Perfection

As I scroll through my Instagram feed I am inundated with what I would call perfection (or near perfection). I follow lots of influencers in multiple spaces from fashion to cooking to yoga. As I scroll, I know that these pictures are most likely professional or it took a hundred shots before  ...

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