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How to Kick Jealousy’s Butt

That angry, green, boiling burn in the pit of your stomach. No, I’m not talking about food poisoning from your latest international retreat. I’m talking about jealousy. I know, I know, we’re not supposed to even have that as yogis and yoga teachers. We are supposed to be zen  ...

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My Secret to Building Confidence

I have something to confess. Over the past couple weeks I’ve discovered the power of saying no to people. It is the MOST amazing thing on this planet. How I’ve survived before this, I’m not entirely sure. In most other ways, summer has made me feel like the laziest creature on the planet. But  ...

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Off the Mat Yoga

The Power of Confidence

This week has been pretty interesting! For no special reason at all, I received compliments on my looks twice by more or less random men. First, a man on the train slipped me a letter right before he got off, because he wanted to tell me that he thought I was cute, but didn’t have the guts to  ...

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