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Steepin’ with My Yogis: April Showers Bring Tea Flowers

Ok, so blunt question time. Who doesn’t like tea? It’s this magically strange substance that can bring friends together who need reconnecting, soothe a person during heartache, warm someone on the coldest of days, and even give a whole group of busy bodies a reason to slow down and enjoy a break. I mean really, how can you not love it for those reasons alone?

I’m a huge tea fan. Like I-have-my-own-tea-cupboard kind of fan. Some may think it’s a bit obsessive but hey, when there are literally millions of varieties and kinds out there, I all of the sudden don’t look so crazy. Well, maybe not as much.

One of the newest tea crazes that I’ve become slightly obsessive over is Tea Flowers. For you yogis that might not have come across any yet or are wondering if I’m totally making the name up, they’re these adorable little balls of what looks like dried leaves and petals. Once they are placed in a clear glass tea pot or cup, they miraculous start opening up into adorable underwater blossoms right there in front of your eyes! Some are more just simple little blooms while others become miniature water bouquets that give off the most amazing complex tea flavours! I was working in a local health food store when I first came across them, but now it seems like you can pretty much find “Flowering Teas” anywhere (including most of our favorite cafes and local markets). There are definitely certain brands and types that aren’t as good as others, so you may have to try a few until you come across just the right one for you. One of my trusty standbys is actually by Numi Teas. But regardless of brand, you can guarantee that if you have some sort of family get together or are in charge of snacks and drinks at your next girlfriend’s bridal shower, bringing along a few of these will definitely help strike up some interesting conversation. And obviously become a drink option success. I mean come on, a party drink that could also be a unique centrepiece? Clearly someone is going to want to Instagram or Snapchat it before the night is over.

April Tea Blog Post

A couple tips to take with you when looking at some of these for your next tea craving though:

  1. Make sure it’s a tea combo flavour you know yourself or everyone tasting would enjoy.
  2. If you don’t have a funky clear jar or teapot to use, you really should hunt one down. Honestly it doesn’t even have to be a specific clear teapot. Any large glass container will work too, my desperate use of a large vase during one particular party is proof of this. And if you want to really try upping the ‘WOW’ factor of these little tea bad boys at your next girl’s night – mason jars make the perfect little shabby chic clear glasses for every guest.

If you love tea and sometimes are sick of just using a traditional ol’ boring bag, try stepping up your tea game and get yourself a few tea flowers.

Now getting steeping yogis!

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