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How to Start a Podcast in 4 Easy Steps

Even if you’re an avid podcast listener, you might not know much about how a podcast gets put together. I know I hadn’t… that is, until my friends and I made one that we aptly titled Sub-Stances ourselves. Of course, you know that a microphone is required. Check. Content is also something you ought to have. Also check. Now comes the hard part… figuring out how not to laugh during a recording.

So what did we want to do? We wanted to interview people and break down stereotypes while doing so. It sounds dry when y0u put it like that, but I promise it’s super fun! Basically, we wanted to create a podcast and blog that allowed people to learn about cultures, and to talk openly about learning new things. So here’s what we did:

Step One: Come Up With A Name

My friends and I thought we had it figured out. We spent about five hours coming up with a name: Sub-Stances. Contrary to what you might think, the podcast isn’t about drugs. In our coffee-and-brunch-fueled haze, we thought we want to make a podcast and blog about substantial stances of thought. It’s amazing how puns will always make you giggle!

Step Two: Figure Out How To Record

The most important material object: the almighty microphone was acquired. We spent hours editing audio. We learned together how interviewing a subject can be significantly harder than you think when you sit in a cafe with background music. I’m going to be very bluntly honest and admit that I didn’t even consider that questions were necessary for interviewing someone. That somewhat slanted belief might have come from my previous chaotic podcast recordings.

Step Three: Getting Down in the Details

Listening to each podcast, hearing as people mess up and hilariously ask what someone’s opinion of “Brunch-it” is rather than “Brexit” is – is one of the purest joys in life. What isn’t as fun is figuring out how to host a podcast, submitting it to Apple Podcasts and learning about statistics. It’s that moment when you consider that even if your content is good – that doesn’t matter if you can’t promote it properly. Cue internal angry chest beating.

Step Four: Keeping On Top Of It

Our little podcast team has parted ways. Some of us, including myself, remain in Europe in different countries – while others have returned back to the United States. But we no longer have the luxury of meeting for coffee to chat about the newest episode or most relevant blog post. Instead we have multiple group chats, a shared Google Drive and a social media to keep us strong. This has been, without doubt, the hardest part of it all.

I love our team, I love working with them and seeing what new ideas we can come up with, which new people we can chat with. It’s amazing how creating content with a purpose of teaching people to listen can be so motivating. We might have parted ways physically, but we still laugh on our podcasts and send each other dramatic GIFs to describe how we feel.

The Sub-Stances crew!

If you feel like listening to a bunch of somewhat-crazy girls talk to people about stereotypes while we listen to what they have to say – check us out at www.sub-stances.com.

What do you think yogis? Do you listen to podcasts, or do you have any favourites? Ever thought about starting your own?

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