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S2E4: How to Start Over: The Art of Reinvention with Matt Sydal

This week we’re talking about reinvention & starting over with Matt Sydal, my dear friend, pro-wrestler, and master of reinvention. I myself have reinvented a few times and each one was significant for different reasons. But I’ll get into that in the podcast!

I have a super inspiring story to share with you today from an unlikely source. I mean, it’s not unlikely if you ask me, because I know this person, BUT it might seem straight outta left field for the rest of you. Matt is an American pro-wrestler, futurist, and bad yogi. YES, he totally has “bad yogi” in his bio! I did not throw that in there myself! He’s a professional wrestler and also the Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion. He spent years in the WWE, traveling the world in total superstar fashion until he got let go & had to totally reinvent himself. I’ll leave the rest of his story to be discovered in our chat here, but settle in because you’re in for some major motivation today.

We’re talking about a lot today…
– This whole episode is about Matt’s journey from the WWE to ultimately branching off to do his own thing with an break in between where he felt lost & unsure of what to do next. ​​​​
– Why the rules don’t apply to you when you’re trying to do something different
– What it takes to succeed at the highest level of your craft
– Why material success shouldn’t be your #1 priority
– And yes, about Ayahuasca & plant medicine! Okay so I know this is sounding like a theme since we just talked to Amber from EpicSelf recently, but I swear I’m not trying to seduce you into the arms of ayahuasca! It just happened to be a “thing” with Matt too, & he had such an interesting story, I couldn’t ignore that part of his journey.

Find Matt on Instagram @mattsydal or check out his wrestling school in Clearwater, FL at http://wwntc.com/

Enjoy! 😉

matt sydal if you don't have a plan, you'll just end up part of someone else's quote bad yogi podcast

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    August 4, 2018 at 1:57 am

    Hello Erin,

    This is the first podcast I’ve listen to from ‘Bad Yogi’ and I quite enjoyed it! Not entirely sure why I’m leaving a comment, I pretty much never do, maybe I’m just manifesting my thoughts with pen and paper (or the digital equivalent).

    The timing was right. The podcast was more reassuring if anything.

    I’ve recently moved away from home into another state (Australia over here); I am now suffering the luxuries of adulthood. There were difficult choices leading up to my move – such as, leaving behind a parent who has cancer (health is stable), my network of friends, and my dog who means the world to me.

    But it needed to be done, it was my 3rd attempt to leave. With the other failed attempts I would spiral down a path of frustration and depression. I would often develop bad habits of porn addiction and drug consumption to escape my misery of feeling ‘stuck’. Trying to make things work would be absolutely draining. Not to mention my mother, she would become dependent on me but mostly out of fear for being alone. And the relationship would suffer due to me lashing out in anger when I would give into said frustration.

    I guess with each cycle of frustration I would learn valuable lessons (with a lot of help from a mentor) that would contribute to my maturity.

    Fast forward to now and regarding you podcast, there was a segment near the end that Matt and yourself would agree that it becomes ‘just you’. It really does – and it’s unsettling.

    But I suppose that is the uncomfortable feeling we need to grow right? And growth I need. What this podcast has reassured me is: I am where I need to be, and progress will take time.

    Maybe I’m just rattling on now. Maybe I should write a book? Hah!

    Cheers for the vent.

    Kind regards

    P.S. The relationship with my mother is the best it has every been. Which made it that much more difficult to leave.

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