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Spiritual Practice According to the Path of Guru’s Grace

Spirituality is a broad term. An appellation of everything associated with the spirit and soul. Every yogi has to pass through the path of spiritual enlightenment. There are numerous ways to understand spirituality and these are in practice since a long time ago. The path of spiritual progress cannot be attained, without the guidance of a guru. There should be someone to show you the way ahead. When you enroll for a yoga teacher training, you know that your yoga teacher is there to guide you every step of the way. If you make mistakes, he or she is there to rectify it and show you what’s right. It becomes easier to make progress when a guru leads your way.

Guru’s Grace

Before understanding the path of Guru’s grace, it is very important to talk about Guru – who is a Guru? A Guru can be anybody- one who is the master of a high standard of spiritual wisdom. Although we are talking about spiritual enlightenment, a teacher’s role in life cannot be limited to this. Every step you take is the blessing of your teacher (Guru), according to Hindu philosophy. After a child comes out of his/her mother’s womb, he/she is mentored by a Guru – first in the form of his/her parents and then, through the course of his/her life by different teachers. Since a Guru is given a status that is higher than that of God in Dharmic faiths, the significance of a Guru becomes even more salient.

“Worshipping the feet of the Guru is the ultimate of all worships.” – Sri Guru Pranama

By following the path of Guru’s grace, one can make rapid spiritual progress. A spiritual journey that is counseled by the Guru is not only easier to follow but also satisfying to the soul and the mind. By Guru’s grace, the soul moves towards spiritual enlightenment in the most pleasant way. There are several steps to follow this Guru’s grace’ path.


Namasmaran is the chanting of God’s name. The name of the God has great power to guide one towards the height of spirituality. Shiva, also called Adiyogi is the ultimate God. You can chant- “Om Namah Shivaya”.


Satsang is a small gathering where the principles of God are being delivered. It is recommended to attend such satsangs on regular basis to feel the purity of God’s song and gain positive energy.


‘Sat’ is truth and ‘seva’ is service. Spending your life being truthful irrespective of the situation is the best satseva. Help this world in any manner for a constructive result or spread the teachings of God to other people


Sacrifice makes you great. Tyag is all about getting rid of your attachment to worldly elements such as the body, wealth, family. Don’t become addicted to anything in the world as this world is made of you and not vice-versa. You should indulge in donation and help some needy individuals


Loving everyone and everything. Stay connected with all the universal elements around you with spiritual love, which is completely unconditional and free from all kinds of expectations.

Attaining personality perfection:

Remove all drawbacks from your personality before you begin to preach others for the same. God cannot accept you when you are full of bad habits.

Ego Removal:

Ego is the biggest enemy of one’s success in every field, it leads you towards your downfall. It is wise to give away this quality from your character. Learn how to respect others and treat everyone with equality. Mantras will help you in removing ego.

Spiritual Emotion:

Become completely attracted to God. This world is the creation of God and there is nobody other than him going to help you in all circumstances. Devote yourself to the power of the ultimate God and embrace spirituality.


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