Everyone is talking about the solar eclipse on Monday August 21st, and with good reason! We haven’t had a total solar eclipse in the US since 1979. We’ve had several eclipses since then, but they were only partial eclipses. The fact that it’s a total eclipse makes this pretty freaking awesome! But unless you’re in the path of totality, you’ll see a partial eclipse (how partial is based on exactly where you are).

But no matter how much of the fireball in the sky is blocked out by our seductive moon, it will be a heavenly sight to see. If you have those special glasses.

When buying viewing glasses be sure of a couple things:

  1. that they have the NASA stamp on them and
  2. that the lenses are not cracked or scratched — otherwise you can damage your retina while viewing!

Now, I’m completely geeked out over this celestial event but I’m also passionate about the spiritual meaning behind it.

So what is the spiritual meaning behind a solar eclipse?

Glad you asked, because it’s powerful! The sun represents fire, desire, goals, and focus.  A solar eclipse is the time to get serious about what you want. What are your goals and dreams in your life? What do you want to manifest career wise? This is a powerful time to set those intentions on Monday and plant those seeds by reating a sacred ceremony for this heavenly event. Even if you’re stuck at work in a building and can’t go outside, you could do a short and sweet ritual before leaving for work.

Get specific about what you want to create and manifest in your life, specifically with your career. Set your intentions and get ready to hustle and manifest those dreams!  Still a little unsure about what to do or how to set you intentions? No worries! There’s no right or wrong. It’s truly about what resonates with you.

Here’s what I do for full moons and, now, this solar eclipse:

  1. I write down on a piece of paper what I’m wanting to manifest, create, or release.  Because this is a solar eclipse and the spiritual essence is power and career, I will write down what I want to manifest in my career over the next year or so.
  2. I then fill my abalone shell with loose sage, rose petals, and Palo Santo.  I light this sacred blend and place my paper in it.
  3. Then I go outside and sit on the earth. No shoes. No chair. Just my bootay sitting on Mother Earth.
  4. As I watch it burn I repeat an affirmation (it’s different each time depending on my intention).  Just find a sentence or two that resonates with you.  Or you may want to skip this part.  This is your ceremony after all.  Do what you like!
  5. I stay until the paper burns completely and then I give a silent prayer of gratitude and repeat “and so it is, and so it shall be.”

That’s it!  This whole process takes as little as 5 minutes or can be as long as you’d  like.  I hope you take this opportunity to plant those seeds and set your soul on fire!

What are your plans for the solar eclipse?  Do you have a ritual ready to go? Share with us in the comments below!