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Simple Swaps to Veganize Any Dessert Recipe

One of the sometimes sad things about moving toward a plant-based diet is letting go of your old favorite recipes. I kinda hate questions like, “What do you use instead of eggs?” because there are so many vegan recipes out there that are just vegan, full stop, and aren’t full of weird substitutes. Which I totally encourage you to seek those out, but sometimes you just want to make your old familiar snicker doodles or cheesecake or whatever your stomach is calling for, and we’ve got some great swaps for you.

If your recipe calls for milk

This is an easy one! There are tons of plant-based milks available at the store, and it’s not too hard to make your own either. I personally prefer cashew milk for just about everything.

If your recipe calls for butter

There are vegan butters out there that are great to spread on toast or melt for popcorn and other buttery things, but I don’t particularly like them for baking. I’ll typically take the amount of butter that’s called for and do a half canola oil/half applesauce concoction. Maybe it sounds weird, but it doesn’t end up tasting apple-y at all.

If your recipe calls for eggs

Flax eggs! No clue what a flax egg is? Check out how to easily make a flax egg here.

If your recipe calls for cream cheese

Tofutti, or make your own.

If your recipe calls for whipped cream

Coconut milk whipped cream is easy and creamy and delicious. Look for it in specialty grocery stores (like Trader Joes or Whole Foods), and some chain stores.


Now, of course we could get more technical with our options, but the goal was to keep it simple, right?

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