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S1E8: An Honest Chat About Meditation: From Practical Tips to Meditation’s Dark Side

Something a little different for this week’s podcast: a VIDEO interview! This is our first video podcast & our first guest, and I’m SO looking forward to sharing this one. My friend Micha (Kundalini Meditation Teacher) & I had such a great conversation about meditation. We chatted about everything from…

+ How to make meditation a habit
+ What the real point of meditation is
+ What we think of fake gurus
+ Practical meditation advice
+ Meditation’s dark side
+ 2 guided meditations you can do right now
+ That time one of us accidentally set an altar on fire (!!!)

… and so much more!

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Over to you! Any a-ha moments you want to share? A lightbulb really went off for me when we talked about the difference between meditation and relaxation. There were so many others! What was most memorable for you?

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    March 3, 2018 at 7:51 am

    I’m really loving this episode. I have tried meditation in the past and haven’t always “gotten into it” and now realize I have to try different styles, but give them a proper chance before switching. Will definitely do a little research as to what forms of meditation are best for different needs and give them at least 30 days before trying something new. Thanks Erin and Micha!

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