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RIP Stan Lee

There are few people I envy in this world, but I have to admit that Stan Lee is one of them. I mean come on, 3 of the top 20 highest grossing movies of all time were based on the characters he co-created not to mention WOLVERINE AND SPIDERMAN! WHAT?!

So it goes without saying that I was sad to hear that a 95 year old man I have never met and have no direct connection to died. And yet, here I am to say it.

But it got me thinking about what I admired about him and why despite not knowing him personally I was sad to hear he died. I came to the conclusion that the art that people share with the world becomes intertwined in our perception of that same world. As a result a part of them becomes intertwined in our world and our reality. As it make us feel, the art itself starts to matter to us and as a consequence the artist does too. When a person’s art is with us especially in our younger years, it’s as though a part of the artist, the BEST part of the artist in many cases, is there with us too (but not in a creepy, stare at you through the window kind of way 🤣). So I think it’s the fact that with the artist’s departure goes along with it the promise of more of that same art as well as a part of our youth. To be even more dramatic a part, all be it a small one, of us goes too.

As for why I admired him, it was his apparent joie de vivre. The fact that he seemed to enjoy the ride as much as other people enjoyed the ride he co-created. I am trying to challenge myself to do the same. To enjoy the ride I create as much I would if it were someone else’s ride that I was watching.

So here’s to you, Stan. Thank you for spending the majority of your 95 making people happy with your art!

RIP Stan Lee

Nov 12, 2018

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