After Relationship Therapy Part 1, we had such a huge response we knew we had to make a part 2.

In this episode, we’re approaching it with the same attitude we did in the first one. We’ll speak from our experience and hopefully help you add some mindfulness to your own relationships, but please take “therapy” lightly. We’re not licensed pros, just two people sharing our personal experiences over the last 10+ years.

In this episode we’ll talk about… 
+ handling difficult transitions in life with mindfulness
+ how we keep the “flame burning” even as daily life goes on
+ dealing with the other when they’re in a bad mood
+ how different race & culture influence our relationship
+ that time we fought in Paris
+ “surprise rituals”
+ the fairy tale flaw


Over to you! Gimme details! What did you think? Any similar struggles or funny overlaps between you and the two of us?